Water Dosing


It's completely electronic controlled. The desired water mixture grade and the amount of water required are adjusted by adjusting the dosing device.

It is a fully automatic water mixer and temperature controller. The desired outlet water temperature, hot and cold water is provided by mixing the necessary proportions. The water can be bypassed manually until the outlet temperature reaches the desired level.

At the same time, the dough can be seen on the digital display with the help of the temperature sensor (PT100).
Various prescriptions can be created with the Program key on the device.


• Full electronic control, 20 programs (P0 ... P19)
• Automatic or manual operation option
• Automatic or manual bypass feature
• Double point temperature measurement: Dough Probe Temperature and Exit Water Temperature
• Stainless steel box
• Easy to use
• Double water inlet
• Dough temperature measurement option


• Dough temperature measurement probe
• Stainless foot