Convection Oven 5-8 Tray

Convection oven; It is especially designed for small pastries, pies, sandwiches, breads in pastry, restaurant, hotel and bakery.
It has touch and manual control panel options.
The fans in it (single fan in 4 and 5 traction models and dual fans in 8 trailer models) deliver hot air equally to each point of the cooking cabin.
Thanks to the powerful steam system, steam can be obtained at the desired amount.
It has adjustable air flow louvers. In this way, the amount of air sent to the cooking cabin can be adjusted and equal cooking balance is provided in the upper and lower tanks.
Models with four, five or eight tray capacities are available. It is possible to produce only electric in four and five trays, and electric and gas in eight trays.
Unlike equivalent products, the hood on the oven (no aspirator system in the hood) is sent to our customers as standard equipment.
Electric or gas fuel system
Manual or touch control panel Yeast room or coffee table under the oven