Thanks to the sensors, it can be operated automatically according to the number of doughs coming in, or it can be used in manual mode as well as continuous dough picking function. Thanks to the sensors, the number of doughs entering the machine can also be seen on the digital display. Optionally; UV lamp and air conditioning feature can be added. It can be easily demounted as a module. Thanks to the perfect timing created on this machine, each dough falls into the appropriate bowl in the right moment. After each round, the dough is shifted by the positive transfer method. Depending on the order, the machine can be provided with the right or left outlet. Plastic stones suitable for health can be easily cleaned in the machine. Protection measures against electrical faults have been taken on the control panel. Engine power 0.37 kW. 220/380 V AC 50 Hz.
• Chain and reducer motor
• With 24 V control panel
• Removable plastic stones
• Socket outlets for other machines
• Flour collection pan
• Variable dough entry and exit
• Infinitely adjustable speed
• Stainless lid and stone holders