Mobile Mixer

It is ideal for preparing all kinds of dough. The kneading knife made of stainless steel and the spiral guide the homogenous and hygienic kneading of the dough. With the spiral kneading knife and knife, the dough is kneaded homogeneously and hygienically, the upper alta is fully aerated and this increases the quality of the dough. Designed to optimize dough kneading technology, the mobile mixer consists of two main parts: a body and a movable upper body. The parts that come into contact with the dough, as well as the knife spiral and boiler stainless steel gouge. The working mixer of the mobile mixer is designed to operate in two cycles. In this system, the yield is increased by considering the duration of kneading thanks to the rotating boiler. The HYDRAULIC SYSTEM pushes up the upper body (spiral) and pulls the paste out of the mixer and pulls it, so the boiler can be easily exchanged. During the kneading, the kneading of the dough is stopped. In this way, the quality of the dough is increased. The mixer automatically stops when the protective cover is lifted for safety. In addition, the emergency stop button can be used to stop the operation at any time. It is long-lasting with its sturdy construction. It runs silently as it is driven by the belt.